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Hello my saucy friends!

As of right now, Sunday April 12 2020 (I think), everything is okay, but slowed down considerably. The reason for this is kind of simple: life. I currently have a day job, because as much as I would LOVE to live on the money from sauces, my profit margin isn’t big at all, and I have to pay the rent, hydro, and internet bills somehow. So I work at a drugstore. Luckily, I am in the back and through this wonderful thing that is the pandemic I have very few customer interactions. But it is taking its toll on me. It is beyond stressful, and when I get home I am completely wiped out. Multiply this by 5 days a week and you can see where it leads.

So where does that leave you, the wonderful customer? That’s a good question. Right now, I have a pile of boxes ready to go, and I have even more to put together. I can only do so much before I fall over, and it’s not as though DBS is a huge factory or anything. I promise you your orders ARE being filled. I’m putting them together as quickly as I can. Getting them to the post office is a whole other thing, mind you, because I can only bring a few boxes with me on my way to work, and then I have to be careful when dropping them off. But it IS happening, just a lot slower than I would like. Any packages that can reasonably fit into the red post boxes are being dropped that way, and they seem to be getting where they need to go. 
Some might ask why I just don't schedule a pickup of the parcels. And I would! Except, you know, for that pesky Monday to Friday job during business hours.

The last obstacle I keep running into is ingredients. Leading up to (the now cancelled) FE, I was starting to have a harder and harder time getting ingredients. That went to hell in a handbasket once the virus hit full out. So it’s slow going getting everything I need for some of the sauces. Luckily, I did stock up on everything I could. Things could be a LOT worse. As it stands, the remaining batches of sauce will hopefully all be cooked today and tomorrow (being Easter Monday, I get a day off from work).

This leaves you in the “fun” position of waiting. When your box is made, you’ll get an email with a confirmation. After that, it could take me days to get it to the post office safely. So please, be patient. I know that the situation isn’t ideal, but I’m doing everything I can to make sure it all works. If you have any questions about your order, please, contact me (email, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram) and I’ll give you an update. Otherwise, just hang tight and everything will work out.

Lastly, you folks rock. Thank you so much for your support.
I hope you are all safe, and keeping that way.

All my best,

Chris “Feli” Pilgrim

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