Official DBS Sauce Calibration Kit

Christopher Pilgrim

Are you a fan of sauces? Of course you are. And this is why you're here, right?

We like to experiment in the kitchen, and come up with new sauces all the time. Some work out well, others... don't. 

But everyone's tastes are different, and this is why we have created the DBS Sauce Calibration Kit!

If you order this item, we will send you a selection of random sauces from our Test Batches. Now, this does not come without some responsibility on your part. We will also send you a link to a questionnaire. On this questionnaire we will ask you your thoughts about the sauce you have ordered. What you think of:

  • The flavour
  • The spice level
  • What it seems to be missing
  • What you might use it on or with

And we will use this feedback to adjust the sauce, and eventually to release it into the wild.

Oh, we'll also ask you to name the sauce. We can''t guarantee it'll be picked, but we'll put it into the running!

Also, you'll get 100 extra pepper points that you can use towards other sauce purchases! And, if you sign up for it monthly, on your second month we will award an additional 75 points to your account. Awesome, no?

So help Dark Bunny Sauces be better. Help us make meals better for hundreds of people. We wouldn't be here without you, and we want you to be a part of our family.

Dark Bunny Sauces will be sending you random sauces with untested spice levels. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to handle the level of spice, nor some of the ingredients. Should you be allergic to anything, please let us know before we ship this to you.

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