News! (ain't it neat?)

Hello to everyone out there in Internet land!
here are just a few things going on with DBS currently:

1) We've got a new look! The site's been updated a little. Everything is still there, though, so don't be worried.

2) when you go to "All products", you can sort by all sorts of things. like which sauces are gluten free, no added sugars, and we'll be adding more options to help you find your favourites.
You can even sort by hot pepper!
More tags will be added over the coming weeks to help narrow down your selections.

3) We will shortly be adding a service. Because peoples' diets change (both voluntarily and not), we want to try and help. We'll be adding a specific contact page. Let's run this through with an example.
Let's say you REALLY like a sauce, such as Zesty Zonkey. But after a visit or two to your doctor you find that you can no longer enjoy eating soy, or gluten. But you desperately want to have some sauce!
Using this form, you can communicate directly with us to let us know. And we'll see what we can do to modify an existing sauce to meet your dietary requirements.

I cannot promise the world. Some things just aren't possible (like a sugar-free Terrified Trashpanda or a citrus-free Lounging Leopard), but I'll do my best to work with you to see what can be done. I'm in this because I enjoy making the sauces, and I enjoy seeing people enjoy them. A new announcement will be made once I finish the setup for the page.

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