New Sauces!

Christopher Pilgrim
The Montreal Mini Comic Con was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came by the table, and especially to those who purchased some sauce!
Extra special thanks to the organizers of the event, for allowing me to wow people who never expected to see sauce at a convention.
 And hot on the heels of the con come three new additions to the lineup!
First: the Gargling Goat
Gargling GoatWe were challenged to make a sauce using bourbon. After using some of said bourbon, we came up with this delectable hot sauce. A mixture of Peaches, Sour Cherries and Bourbon, and just a little more heat than you'd expect make this a wonderful tasting sauce.
 Next: Belligerent Binturong
One day, in the kitchen, boredom was the catalyst for this sauce. Combining fresh tomatoes, onion and garlic, then tossing in a few hot peppers and Szechuan peppercorns, we came up with this mix that blends super well with pasta sauces. The taste is just a tiny bit confusing, but after sampling it liberally, we came to the conclusion that we had a winner.
And lastly: Rabbit's Revenge
Rabbit's RevengeEvery time we make a new "Hottest Sauce", there are always people who say "Oh, this isn't very hot." Well, for you, we have concocted Rabbit's Revenge.This sauce is serious. Hotter than anything we've made to date. We've combined 4 different Super Hot peppers, a few other hots and a couple of more ingredients to round out the flavour, and a touch of darkness to make it as close to black as we could get it. And we ARE serious about this sauce being hot.
To purchase it, we will require you to affirm your age and understanding of the nature of the sauce.
All of these new additions are available in both 50ml and 250ml varieties.
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