New Sauce Updates

So we have a few sauce announcements. We have new stuff!
  A couple of months ago we held a naming contest for a new sauce. And we chose our winner. Now we can happily announce the Perequiito Piquante. This sauce is, well... green. Made with green tomatoes and Poblano peppers, it makes an amazing compliment to most Mexican-type dishes.

We received a special request a little while ago, and we acquiesced to it.

Someone wanted Halitosis Howler, but didn't want the spiciness involved in it. So we crafted a Blue Label special edition called the Harmless Howler. All the taste of the original with none of the hot peppers.

So now you can enjoy your garlic without burning out your taste buds!

We've been experimenting with mustard a lot lately. And after several trials, most of which - while edible - didn't meet our standards, we think we made a winner. 2, actually.

Debuting at Canfurence next month we will present the Hoppy Hedgehog, a sweet beer mustard. And not only the Hedgehog, but a Red Label edition, that we spiced up.

This particular mustard is made completely from scratch, and has now surpassed the Striking Scorpion as my go-to.

During the summer I experimented with some berries, and made a sauce I grew addicted to. I tried making it with more than just the raspberries I had used the first time. 

Enter Renard's Rapiers: berry-based sauces with a kick. Made from Red Raspberries, Wild Blueberries, Sweet Dark Cherries or Black Corinth Grapes. 

This collection of sauces work on anything from meat to dessert (especially vanilla ice cream) to add a unique flavour.Caution when using it on ice cream: Can lead to addictive behaviour and dependence. 

Artwork for this label is happily provided by Loree.

The logo may say 2016 but I assure you, this is this year's batch.

Bunny's Garden 2017 is a go, made with ingredients pulled from my own garden, this is a unique, limited edition sauce. 

In fact, there are two kinds this year!

Keeping on the Mustard track, we went back to the drawing board and tried our hand at making the Striking Scorpion from the ground up, starting with mustard seeds. 

The Stunning Scorpion is what we came up with. It may be a limited run, or may grace the store for a long time to come. But this dapper relative of the Striking Scorpion is a good enough attempt that we think you may like it too.

I caved. I made a sauce I won't even try. 

Nuclear Narwhal.
A mix of Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions, Bhut Jolokias, Thai Chilis, Finger Hots, reshampatti cayenne, garlic, onion, basil and vinegar.

This is an extremely limited batch. This will probably never be made again... until someone orders a full batch This will possibly eat through the glass bottles and destroy my cupboards.

I'm sorry.

And last but not least, I tried something a little different. Not content with just making sauce, I tried something I remembered from years ago, with a Dark Bunny twist.

Blasted Bat is, at its core, pickled garlic.
Red wine pickled garlic.
Red wine spicy pickled garlic.

Need we say more?


All of these will soon be available via our online store, and will all be available at CanFURence in Ottawa next month.


Happy spicing!

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