New Monthly thanks and stuff!

Christopher Pilgrim

Will you look at that, there's people out there who follow us on Furaffinity! Not to mention Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course, our main site at

You folks are aweosme.

So I just want to put this down here because I feel that people that support Dark Bunny Sauces in ways other than buying our sauces deserve to be spotlighted. 
Sauce is delicious, but support is beyond awesome. And people that go that step above and beyond to help us keep cooking belong on a pedestal. Perhaps not one too high up... and with a ladder, and a comfy pillow...

So, in this our first month of Patreon, here are all of our supporters: (I can find most people! Ha!)
dashnir dashnir
fruitbuffalo fruitbuffalo
pyrasaur Heidi Vlach
[I don't have an icon for you] Justin Dye
qara Qara's Creations
shamadillo shamadillo
And, for supporting us in other ways, as always, o-kemono o-kemono and soryane soryane

In the near future, like, possibly next month, I may start shining a spotlight on some of the people who support us. But for now, just revel in the list of awesome people.

Want to join that list? Head over to to see how!

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