New additions

This month we are adding two new sauces to the selection.

The first is Oops. Oops is a variant of Barbecued Beaver. It's called Oops because, well, I messed up when I was making Beaver once. But surprisingly, the sauce turned out well and by popular demand, it has become its own sauce! This is a tangy sweet BBQ sauce that works amazingly well with ribs, meatloaf, and any number of other things. 

The second addition is something brand new. Private Pangolin. People kept telling me that we should have a runny sauce. Something like a seasoning sauce. Well, I caved to the demand, and crafted this sweet, sour, and interesting take on General Tso sauce. It has just a little nip, to let you know I put some peppers in it. Private Pangolin would be proud!

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