Name that sauce!

Posted by Christopher Pilgrim on

Alright my spice-inclined friends. I come to you with a proposal.
I have created yet another sauce. What can I say? I got bored!
And I need help with the naming of it.

It's green. Mostly peppers. Middling-spice level. The two stand-out ingredients are Poblano peppers and Green Tomato.

I will open this up for a contest! This sauce needs a name to go by. So between now and the 8th of September, suggest names! They must fit the alliteration rule like the other sauces, and must involve an animal or creature, real or mythical. Nothing copyrighted.
The chosen name will win a free bottle once the recipe is formalized. This one will be taste-tested by a few folks soon so I can finish it. But once that'[s done, a bottle will be yours!
So help me name Test Batch #41!

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