March Update Furnal Equinox Edition - Yes, early!

Christopher Pilgrim

We're getting this out of the way now so I don't forget come March 1st. There's a bunch of stuff in here. so it'll be parcelled out.

So Bonjour/hi! 

First: Furnal Equinox

Furnal Equinox Dealers Den Map 2019We have our table placement! We want you all to know how things will work at the con, how to find us, and how to get your delicious delicious sauces. 

We will be at tables 98, 99 and that funny "M" table at the bottom of the row. So you'll be able to see us when you come into the room! But we're not going to do things traditionally. 

But Feli, what do you mean?
We're going to let you walk into our set up! On Friday, we'll be testing something out to see how it works. Where the map shows the section all blocked off, we're going to flip it around. You'll be able to come in and look at the sauces laid out before you. 
Due to time constraints and budgets, we won't have any fancy shelves, but all of the sauces we have will be on display. You take the bottles you want to one of our friendly happy (and probably tired) staff and we'll ring through your sale. You give us the money, and you get the sauce. (And the more money you give, the more sauce you get!).

Fuel for the FireAt the convention, we will accept cash, credit cards and debit (up to that pesky $50 tap limit). We're also going to accept Fuel for the Fire Gift Card codes! (yes, you can buy virtual gift cards! And also yes, you can use your Pepper Points to purchase them!)

If DBS runs out of a sauce, and you REALLY want it, you'll be able to order it from us right then and there! Unfortunately, we probably won't be able to do free shipping on new orders under $60 - just like on our website) but we'll ship you your order for a flat fee that we'll have posted at our booth.

We will also have a tasting area, where you can try our sauces. Unlike years past, we're not using bread or chips. We'll be going with our totally unpattented system of dipping a wooden stir stick into a bottle and tasting them that way. It's easier on the cleanup, a lot less non-biodegradable waste, and takes up a lot less room. Also, it's safer for all of you! So don't let us catch you double dipping!


Next up: Furnal Equinox Pre-Orders

So you ordered your sauces early. Awesome! (if you haven't yet, head over to this other post - you still have a few days!). Over the next week you should get an email. Regardless of whether you gave the info ahead of time, or if we know who you are, we're going to be asking you to confirm both your real and Furry (or badge) names. This way we can properly tag your sauces for easy identification. 
When the room opens on Friday, we should  be good to give your your order, but it'll likely be a little hectic. We might ask to see your ID just to confirm that you're you (Do you know how many 'Scar's, 'Bunny's, 'Howler's or 'DenzelSomethingorotherSparkleDogMix's there are in the fandom now?).

If, for some reason, DBS is unable to have exactly what you pre-ordered in time for the con, we'll ship it to you for free. Period. If you decide you want to change it, we're up for that. But we'll tell you by the end of next week. 
If we don't have the size you ordered, we'll trade it to other sizes to make up for it. For example, we know you were really keen on that 946ml jug of Harmless Howler, but we ran out of the jugs, so you'll get 4 250ml bottles instead. I know the bottles don't make up for the super awesome jug, but it's the same amount of sauce. 

Next Next up: New things!


As usual, we'll have a few new things at the convention. We've recently announced the Rabbit's Rub, our signature dry spice mix, and we've released several other sauces into the wild. We'll have a few jars of the Terrified Trashpanda Candies available. We'll also have a new sauce available in two heat levels. We teased about it. It has been bottled. But we won't release it until Saturday. There will be a few individuals which will have access to it ahead of this, but these are special cases (we want to see how their throats melt first).

The new sauces will be available for ordering on the website once we assess the damage from Furnal Equinox.


Last up: Bottle returns!

We want our bottles back! Dark Bunny Sauces recycles all of our bottles one way or another, and chances are the sauce you bought came in a recycled bottle. But we don't want to just take our bottles back and say goodbye! Every bottle of ours that comes back will net you a $1 towards a purchase. At worst, we'll load the bottle credits onto one of those Fuel for the Fire cards we mentioned earlier. 
But please, let us know that you're giving us empties before the con? We need to find a way to get them back to Montreal.


So that's all for the update right now. As always, if you want to support Dark Bunny Sauces, buy some! Support us on Patreon! And if you don't have the monetary means to money us money, share us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the social media venue of your preference!


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