Let's Build a Sauce

Let's Build a Sauce

During the weekend of March 19-22, during Furnal Equinox’s Pixel Purrfect virtual convention, Dark Bunny Sauces will be doing something it has never done before.

As I have a day job to do on Friday, this “event” will start on Friday when I get home from work. This won’t be a panel you can attend, nor will this be video or streaming event – though I *may* open up a stream near the end on Sunday (if I figure out how to).


Dark Bunny Sauces Presents:



As it stands, I currently have plenty of hot peppers languishing in the freezer, a whole cupboard of spices, several grocery stores in close-ish proximity, and a shelf full of various vinegars. And I have to say that of all the fandoms I have interacted with over the years, ours is the most creative. So here’s what’s going to happen:

  • Starting at about 5pm on the 19th I will be turning on the crock pot. It’s a very nice crock pot that was actually bought for FE many many many years ago to make poutine.
  • I will provide a page for people to visit and to vote on the next ingredient. Over the course of Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning ingredients will be added to the crock pot and slow cooked over the weekend.
  • Possible ingredients will NOT include meat or dairy products (for food safety reasons).
  • Sunday afternoon will come the blending, final cook and bottling.
  • The sauce, whatever Frankensteinian creation it may become, will be available for sale the entire weekend. DBS will keep $3 of each bottle sold to cover minimal costs of the materials and shipping. But ALL OTHER SALES TOTALS WILL BE DONATED TO THE CONVENTION CHARITY. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Bottles will sell as follows:

  • 59ml: $12
  • 250ml: $26

Understand that this will be a one-shot sauce. YOU will decide how hot it gets by voting on the next ingredients. YOU will decide what goes in next. I may take a few liberties to ensure it doesn’t taste like eating a handful of dirt, but aside from that, this will be the exclusive FE2021 sauce.  Super limited batch. And, if there’s too much being added don’t worry – I have a second crock pot.

Are you game?

Dark Bunny Sauces accepts no responsibility for the outcome of the product beyond its edibility. All ingredients will be added according to the will of the fandom. Combining chocolate and Worcester sauce is not recommended. All funds save the afore mentioned $3/bottle will be donated to the convention and charity.

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