Last bit before Fur-Eh!

Last bit before Fur-Eh!

This weekend we will be out at Fur-Eh! And we have that table in the dealers room. You’ve heard me go on and on about this so I will spare you THOSE details. But I figured I should let everyone know the answers to a few questions about how things will work this weekend.

First, a small notice: Dark Bunny Sauces will not be shipping any orders beginning now and lasting until we get back from Edmonton next week. There's just no way we can swing it. 

Remember the awesome setup we had at Furnal Equinox? Well, this will be almost completely different. Due to the distance we’re travelling, we’re not able to have all of the stock with us that we would at eastern conventions. So here’s what we’ll have:

Every single sauce for tasting! That’s right, every bottle or jar we have in stock right now we will have with us so you can try them out. Taste away! Ask questions! Wonder why you can taste colours! We’ll be using our non-patent-pending system of wooden sticks, so please, no double dipping.

We will have a few bottles and jars for sale on the spot. Somehow, I don’t expect these to last very long. But in the event you can’t get a sauce you want right there, and you don’t want to order sauce right away, we’ll also have gift cards available in various denominations.

We will take your orders for anything that you want! Well, so long as it’s something that we make. During the weekend, we’ll allow all sizes to be ordered. And here’s the best part: Free shipping. We’ve made sure to stock the cupboards as best we can so we’ll have what you order. Most things will get shipped out in the week following Fur-Eh! But in the event that we need to make a batch of something, there could be a week’s delay as we go out, buy the stuff we need to make it and make it. We’ll keep you apprised every step of the way!

We will also be introducing three new items to the lineup: Test Batches 64, 65 and 66 – 65 and 66 will be exclusively offered as of the Hot Wings Challenge panel (which, you should all attend).

“But Feli!” you may say, “The most awesome of panels that you are hosting is happening at the same time as the Poutine Social! We can’t do both!” And that is a good and valid point. As someone who lives in Montreal, I can attest that poutine is very important indeed. But this is why we created Test Batch 66. The sauce is a thick peppercorn additive that should enhance your poutine experience. And best of all, despite the small kick, there are no hot peppers involved! We'll have it available during the wings panel, and potentially at the social itself. All that we ask is that you provide a small donation to the charity if you have some.

As an added bonus, there are three special bottles of sauce that will be on our table in the den. With one-of-a-kind labels created especially for this year’s convention. We will have bids for these bottles at the table, and Sunday morning the top bidders will receive them, all bids will go to the charity. But if the bids surpass, let’s say… $50 on any of the three, they will be given to the convention’s charity auction to go higher.

So here’s to seeing you all this weekend! Come and say hi, try some sauce, maybe even buy some sauce. If you have a pre-order in, you should have received an email asking for your info. Just swing by and we'll have your order ready for pickup.

But most importantly, have fun!


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