It's time for a January sale!

Christopher Pilgrim

We like spreading the warmth of spice to your tables during these cold winter months. And though you can't use the spicy sauces to clear the snow off of your driveways - and we REALLY don't recommend spreading sauces on your stairs - We DO recommend that you add it to your sandwiches, your steaks, your soups and your beverages!

Heck, I put a bit of Terrified Trashpanda in my morning coffee, and not only do I wake up but it seems to kill off anything that's ailing me! (this is subjective and anecdotal. Dark Bunny Sauces does not claim to have a cure for the common cold).

It's the dreary part of January, so we decided to lighten the season up by having a sale!

All of our mustards - Everything in the Just the Mustards collection - is on sale for 20% off from now until the end of the month! No codes needed, and this can be combined with other discount codes or Pepper Point discounts!

So go on - your hamburgers and sandwhiches are crying out for more mustard!

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