It's been a little bit, so here's what's been going on

We haven't really updated the blog in a bit, so here's a few things for everyone to fill their eyes with.

  • Periquito Picante got a bit of a boost from added capsaicin. There's now a Red Label version available in the store for those of you who like the flavour but want more heat.

  • We also kind of messed up a bit and accidentally made it (the first time) with way too much lime juice... so yeah. Those are available too. 

  • We now have clothing! Starting with t-shirts, a mask, the hoodie's return and bandanas! Now, these aren't made by me, they're all print-on-demand, but so far I'm happy with the quality so there we are.

  • It's summer. And what goes better with summertime than BBQ?
    As of now and for the next week, all BBQ sauces, ketchups, relishes and rubs will be on a bit of a sale. 20% off of the following things:
    • Barbecued Beaver (White and Red labels)
    • Oops!
    • Test Batch 47 (still need to name this)
    • Stern Steer
    • Test Batch 65 (A, B and C - while stock exists)
    • Test Batch 71
    • Gawky Gecko
    • Rabbit's Rub
    • And the newest addition - Test Batch 72

  • Speaking of... Test Batch 72 is now available. This is a Mead/Honey Apple Barbecue Sauce, and is available exclusively in 354ml and 946ml jars. Made with nothing but the freshest of ingredients (well, except for the mead, but if that were fresh it would just be more honey) including fuji apples, kumato tomatoes and a whole range of other things. 
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