In a world where logic doesn’t matter…

In a world where logic doesn’t matter…

Where sanity gets taken for a walk and then left in a strange place somewhere after having had a wonderful dinner and dessert, maybe even a movie… A world, neon is something people wear, hairspray destroys the ozone layer, and shows like Teddy Ruxpin and ALF dominate the television landscape…

Comes something so terrifying it defies proper description (and not just because we couldn’t figure it out. Really! We swear!).

On Friday, March 20, Twenty-Twenty, we know where you’re going to want to be.


Dark Bunny Sauces is proud to present…

Watch out you might get what you're after
Boom babies strange but not a stranger
We’re not just ordinary furs
Burning down the con

Burning Down the Con

After five years, we’re finally doing it. At places like Fur-Eh, and at Canfurence, we’ve been refining the formula over the years, and it has now gotten to just the right point that we think it’s ready for Furnal Equinox… or that Furnal Equinox is ready for us.

Join us Friday from 9:30 until later as we put people to the test with not just one, not just two, but three teams of competitors. This is a competition of wits, a competition of knowledge, a competition of stamina… Okay, fine. It’s an excuse for some people to be on stage and answer silly questions while eating spicy things, and for everyone else to raise a Delorean’s weight in charity money.

<this is the part where Feli talks about what happens and how it works>

Each team will consist of four people. But there’s a catch!
-the first three people will be permanent team members (more on this below)
-the fourth member of each team will rotate, based on bids from the audience (even more on this below)

Teams will be required to answer increasingly hard questions with a … let’s say 42 second time limit. But right as they get the question, they have to eat chicken wings. And not just any chicken wings – wings that have been lovingly and thoroughly coated in one of Dark Bunny’s sauces. They get the question as they eat, and then have the fore-mentioned 42 seconds to come to an answer.
Each “round” will increase the heat level on the sauce, and correct answers will guarantee the next level of spice. The winning team at the end of it all gets gloating rights and will win! … something… we’ll figure it out in post.

But here’s the fun parts! (told you we’d get there!)

-If a team FAILS to correctly answer a question, the audience can collectively add money to the charity donation total to skip the next heat level. We’ll say $<arbitrary number> will jump it to the next level of heat. So, for example, Team Smurf fails to answer the trivia question correctly on round one, so instead of moving from Mild Mouse to Barbecued Beaver, the audience (you) raise the $<arbitrary number> and force that team to skip over the Barbecued Beaver to Cowardly Chihuahua (that’s a 2 to an 8).


-The teams have a single, rotating seat each. These seats are means to be filled. But by whom? Anyone!
The audience can “bid” to fill the seat, either by bidding to put yourself into the seat, or by bidding to PUT someone in the seat.
To be clear, No one will be forced to compete. If someone does not give consent to participating, they will not participate. So people can be nominated, but if they say no let’s respect their decision.
-This seat will change each round.
-people can pool their donations to make the bid larger. So, for example, if someone nominates… oh… let’s say Aaeden. One person could bid $200 to put him in the seat. But collectively people could pool their money and bid $1000 to put him on stage. If the bid wins, and our Steel-stomached Chairperson accepts and consents, they will be participating in the next round.

The rest of the teams will be made up of three individuals each, made up of applicants (GO HERE! and chosen well prior to the convention.

The winning team at the end of the event will be showered with everlasting fame and fortune*!


  • No cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices are allowed to be used by participants during the competition.
  • No shaming of ANY participant will be tolerated. They had the fortitude to be up there and to help raise money for charity.
  • No outside food is permitted in the room during the competition – we appreciate that you might have some awesome spicy stuff yourself, but whereas we can guarantee what’s in the sauces, for safety reasons we ask that you not bring anything else into the room.
  • Stepping down from the stage at any time is perfectly allowed, as is bowing out if you can’t handle the heat. There is nothing wrong with that: We’re all in this for fun, and when it’s not, it’s not.


ALL of the donations raised during this event will be given directly to the convention’s charity team. To date, at both Fur-Eh and Canfurence, early versions of this event have raised thousands of dollars. Let’s see what FE can do!

If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask them directly to Dark Bunny Sauces at, or to Feli on telegram at either @Felinaeus or @DBSauces

*Everlasting fame and fortune not guaranteed.

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