I'd buy THAT for a dollar!

Hello all of my saucy friends!
Look, I know you’re all bummed that Furnal Equinox had to close for the year. And I KNOW that you were all looking forward to coming to the Dark Bunny Sauces’ panel on Friday: Burning Down the Con.

Well, A stupid virus did that for us. Meaning my moment in the so… well… the moment to really raise the roof on charity donations from the convention fell through.

Or did it?

Yes, folks, I have a cunning plan!

It will take me a bit of time to figure out logistics, but I need your help! I still want this panel to happen!
So here is what I propose:
If I get, say… hmm… the con would have been 11 this year, so 11 willing participants, I am willing to host the first ever Online Dark Bunny Sauces Charity Fundraiser!

That’s right! I want to do this!
What I want to do is figure out how to livestream or host a multi-person video call with an audience. Everyone who wants to participate will need the following:
-A willingness to follow the totally arbitrary rules that will be laid out and likely change on the spot
-A functioning webcam or similar device, as well as a solid internet connection
-About, what, an hour and a bit?
-A willingness to provide myself your physical mailing address

In order to help raise a bit of funds for Furnal Equinox’s charity, the Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge, Dark Bunny Sauces would be willing to conduct this modified panel, and publicly accept donations to be given to the charity in Furnal Equinox’s name or VIA FE directly. Any fees taken by the payment processors would be covered by DBS itself.

Why? Because. We are an awesome fandom. And though the convention isn’t happening this year, the charity still needs our support.

All I ask at this time is for YOUR support. If you like the idea, and want this to go ahead, reply YES on this proposition. If we have enough support, then I will start looking into ways to make this happen in the near future.

So, YES or NO?

You decide.

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