I teased secretly a while back - aren't you terrified?

I teased secretly a while back - aren't you terrified?

A while back I teased something on a post. I added a mention of it on a product page, and I spent a few months researching, seeing if I could do it. Then it was finding the right ingredient, and seeing how I could best do it. 
And I have made the first batch.

Now, I will mention this right up front: This is NOT what you will expect it to be, nor will this first batch be at the same spice level as future batches. This was a VERY successful test-of-concept.

"Shut up Feli, and just tell us what you made already!!"

May I present: Terrified Trashpanda Cacao

And right now your brain is going "Ooooh, chocolate!" and, yes, it is. But no, it isn't.
What has been done is I roasted cacao nibs (I will be trying to roast them a little longer on the next run). Then, ground them like you would coffee, and brewed a pot. 
I then added more of the ground cacao nibs to the pot and brought it back to a boil with the Reaper and Scorpion peppers added. I removed the solids, added the sugar and the other requisite ingredients from the regular Trashpanda syrups - with the exception of the blonde chocolate (it just didn't fit the profile), and bottled that stuff once it got to the right consistency. 
The heat isn't as hot as regular Trashpandas: I didn't want to kill the flavour and wanted it to come through. 

And that is the first of the 2020 news from Dark Bunny Sauces!



As a side note: Bottles will now have a small additional sticker placed on them with both a batch code (for our internal tracking) and a "use by" date. Please note that this date does not mean the sauce will no longer be good after that date, it will, especially if you refrigerate it, but it's more of an indicator for best results. 

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