Happy Father's Day

It’s June. It’s Father’s Day.
Now, we all know that the stereotype is that all dads love to BBQ things. We’re not going to be those people who will assume that ALL dads like to grill meat over flames and coals. Some Dads like to play games, draw things, sing and/or dance, tinker and build.
But nearly all dads have one thing in common: families - by genetic or by choice - that love them and that they love.
And that’s something to celebrate.
So to all the dads out there Happy Father’s Day from Dark Bunny Sauces.
As a kind of related sidebar we’ll be attempting a new experiment today: another dry rub for all of those dads (and moms, and everyone else) who like to flavour their meats. More details will come later (if we’re successful and don’t blow up the kitchen/neighbourhood).
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