Getting things back on track

This last month has been a bit strenuous when it comes to the sauces, but things are getting back to normal. What happened, you may ask? Well, life happened. 
The reason the website was down and that DBS had to move to a backup system was due to an unpaid bill. The bill was due to having to ship all of you your sauces!

So, yes, this is a good problem, but it was a problem none the less. You see, when you order your sauces, and I ship them to you, you pay for the shipping fees. The shipping fees are then to be paid by me back to my host at the end of the month. September was an unusually busy month, and so there were a lot of fees to pay.
Add to this the fact that I did not have a day job for a good amount of time, and so things like Hydro needed to be paid... well, it just came to a head. And I would much rather have to switch to a less-good system for a bit and keep the lights on than not. 

But things have been rectified. The job thing is fixed, and bills are getting paid, so the main site is now back, in all of its saucy glory! but going forward, at least for a little bit, I've had to make a few changes, and a few more are coming.

  • From here on out, the free shipping option will only be available to orders over $100. However, this applies globally (universally?). Whatever country you are in, if your order totals over $100 CDN, you'll get the free shipping option. This applies up to an order of $250 CDN. After that, charges will apply again (but if this is the case, you'd be ordering a LOT of stuff, so contact me and we'll see about things).
  • Sauce price adjustments will be coming. I'll be going through and evaluating all of the sauces' prices. Some will go up, some will go down, some will stay right where they are. In fact, I have a feeling most won't change. But I just wanted to give you all a heads up.
  • Some sauces will be archiving soon. The ones that really aren't moving, I will be removing from the inventory. This doesn't mean they'll be gone forever, but some may end up being seasonal, convention only, or by special request. As these happen, I'll be letting people know. The ones disappearing will have a date and time to order by before they go, so more info on that will be coming soon. 

Now comes the bit I hate writing, but given the difficulties from the last months, I kind of have to. 
I love you all, and I will NOT be stopping this endeavour any time soon. I LOVE making sauces for you all, and for myself. After all these years, I never would have thought I would like doing it so much, so I won't be stopping. But DBS could always use your support. And I absolutely hate it when people donate and there's nothing back. I want there to be value in you giving us money (outside of purchasing sauce, that is) (buy sauce!). So if you feel benevolent enough to support DBS a little, there's a few ways you can do this. 

  • Become a patron! Dark bunny Sauce's Patreon, despite being behind for October, gives you discounts and other stuff depending on how much you pledge. Head on over to
    • As a side note, thank you to our Patrons, like Alexandre, Dashnir, Enrico, Karine, Kitty, Sean and Shamadillo.
  • Buy a gift card! We offer gift cards, both virtual and in cheezy, recycled physical form, with values ranging from $10 to $100. And, at the moment, if you have one of those iPhones, you can add them to your Apple Wallet. Best of all, there's no expiry on gift cards.

That's it for the update. There's going to be another post with some other stuff, but directly sauce related. Thanks for reading, and for sticking it out with us. 


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