Furnal is down, but we're still here!

Christopher feli@darkbunny.ca

Okay, so by now you’ve all seen the news. And as saddened as we all are that Furnal Equinox has had to make the tough decision, Dark Bunny Sauces offers its full support to the staff and crew of the convention. From experience, it really is a very hard decision to make, even if it’s the right one. I can guarantee you that the fine people on both the staff of the event and the board of directors are likely conflicted between elation and pain. So please, first and foremost, show them the love and support that I know you are all capable of.

Now, on to the DBS specifics.

I know that many of you were looking forward to visiting the DBS table at FE next weekend. I had such plans to wow you all with the epic saucing skills, to blow your minds wide open to the possibilities presented by using sauces in your culinary adventures. We were going to dazzle you with the shiny lights and … well, okay. Let’s be honest, we were going to sell you sauce.

But it still would have been epic, right?

Some of you put in pre-orders for sauce for pickup at the convention, of items and volumes not normally available on our website. Rest assured that your orders will be honoured, and as I said in my message the other day, you do not need to pay anything for shipping. You weren’t expecting to, and I won’t force you to.
Someone has already expressed that they wanted to pay the shipping regardless, and as a small (teensy) business I don’t think I could refuse that offer. So, if you really do want to pay for shipping on your orders, just contact me directly (Twitter DM, Telegram, email, Facebook) and we’ll work it out.

For those of you who were saving your nickels up to buy a shiny sauce in person, I can only offer you the following:


  • Any order placed from Friday, March 20th to Sunday March 22nd will get free shipping if you use the code “IWANTMYMTV” – This will apply to anything in the store except for gift cards because, well, those are digital anyways.
  • A new, special item will be added to our shop, the “Sample Table Box of Tasty Doom” – Pick any three sauces from the lists, and for one simple price we’ll send you the little sample box of those three in 59ml sizes!

I know it isn’t much, but it’s something, right?
There may be more coming, some of it requires some more planning, but I will keep you all in the loop!

Remember, if you want to discuss anything, DBS can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, or even Telegram! All of the links are at the bottom of our website pages.

Stay spicy, friends!

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