Furnal Equinox 2023

Furnal Equinox 2023

Christopher feli@darkbunny.ca

Good day, morning, afternoon, evening, night, or whatever time of day it happens to be for you all!
This is your friendly neighbourhood Feli here with some news. It’s not the most important of news (to most of you) but I feel it’s important enough to make some bad jokes about. So buckle up your braces and polish off those spoons, because it’s time for the news.

First: Pre-orders are open for Furnal Equinox!
Anything that I figured would be able to be available for the upcoming Furnal Equinox convention in T’rawnna (Toronto) is open for ordering. You have from now until February 27th to get your pre-orders in, and after that, well… you’ll just have to live with what I bring to the convention. (And yes, there will be plenty of all of the Barbecued Beavers).

Why should you pre-order?

  • Because it makes sure you’ll get your stuff AT the convention, reserved just for you. I’ll even put a little sticker on the bottle with your name so everyone’ll know that you love sauce! (sticker not guaranteed).
  • Because you won’t pay a shipping fee! Just select “Pick up” during the checkout process, and choose Furnal Equinox. I mean, you can pick CanFURence as well, but then you’ll have to wait longer for your stuff.
  • Because you get a nifty little code to paste in – GetSaucedFE23 – to geta 15% discount on your order. (On top of the no shipping fees that gives you even more money in your pocket, and speaking of which…)
  • Because if you pre-pay and order now, when you’re in the Dealers room at the convention you’ll have that much more money to spend on the other vendors (or even more sauce).

Second: Are you a Bunny?
In order to provide you all with the absolute best choice of things to walk away with at the convention, I am looking for some help.

The first kind of help is simple: If you’re coming to FE from or through the Montreal area and have some room in your vehicle for a couple of boxes, we would love to fill that empty space! All transport of the sauces to Furnal Equinox comes with a compensation package of incomparable amazement (well, you get free stuff, and everlasting gratitude) – If you’re willing and able, contact me for details and we’ll work it out.

The second kind of help is a little more complex. You don’t actually need to be a bunny to do it, but I might just commission some ears to wear for the convention.
I am potentially looking for a helper or two to work at the Dark Bunny Sauces booth during the convention (and potentially future and other conventions). I am trying to cover all the bases. If you’d be interested, and seriously want to work in the dealers room for us during this (and other) conventions, please contact me. We’ll get your details and see if you’d be a great fit to join the team.
If this initiative works out, this means we may potentially branch out to have DBS at other events that I personally cannot make it to.

That’s all for now! So remember: Pre-order your sauces!

Stay spicy, my friends!

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