FE23 Aftermath… and geography,,, and…

Christopher feli@darkbunny.ca

After 4 years Fe came for us again, and though I missed last year’s edition, this time around was as though there was no gap at all. The convention, with more than 3000 attendees, was a success. 

This success spilled over into the dealers room and to the Dark Bunny Sauces table. Somehow, we didn’t completely sell out! But it was close. We’ve literally been left with 7 bottles of sauce in a teeny box on the way home with us.

What does this mean? Well, this means that over the next few days the DB Trello will be updated with the swath of orders you all placed at our booth,.And then, over the next few weeks, cooking will commence. We’ll be sending out an email to everyone with some details and such, but if you don;t hear directly from me in the next 2 weeks, send me a poke. 


Thank you to everyone who came by the booth and said hi to us, thank you to everyone who bought sauces, thank you to Frederic Husky for manning the booth and for producing the wonderful book of tasting notes for the sauces, and thank you to Tiggs for not offering trade-in rebates or bottle detailing upon sales. 

And thank you to the convention and to the amazing team of folks who make it happen. You did great.

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