FE Pre-orders update

FE Pre-orders update

Hello all of you wonderful people.

This is an update regarding pre-orders for sauces at Furnal Equinox.
Due to the popularity of some of the sauces, we've run into a bit of a problem.

We've run out of bottles.

Well, almost. There are still a few batches to make, but once those are done, I won't be able to make any more. So, keeping that in mind, here is what is going to happen.

  1. As of now, open-ended availability of sauces is closing. If I don't have any of it, it won't be available. I know this sucks,  but unless you want your sauce to come in a Ziplock bag, it just won't be possible.
  2. Pre-ordering of available stock will continue, and the discount code will still work, up until the morning of the 10th.
  3. In the next 24 hours I will send out confirmation emails to everyone who has an order in, confirming that I have your order ready. There may be one or two that do not get this email right away as I still have a couple of batches to make in the next day or two. 
  4. If you DO NOT receive an email from me by March 8th (Thursday), PLEASE CONTACT ME

Though, there is a secondary update!
Though I am nearly out of 250ml bottles, and completely out of 50ml bottles, I WAS able to get my hands on some 500ml bottles. So there will be some availability, at con, of 500ml bottles of some sauces. There will be a post in the next little bit with some more details about this, but right now we have Barbecued Beaver available in 500ml. Not many, but some. 

Thanks for reading, everyone. See you in a little over a week!

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