FE 2019 - The weekend that was

Christopher Pilgrim

Roughly 500 bottles of sauce later, Furnal Equinox 2019 has come to a close. So many of you came by our booth in the Dealers Room, spoke with us, tried some of our many many things, and then proceeded to just about clear us out of nearly everything we brought with us up the river from Montreal. 

I am amazed.
I am amazed at how many bottles of Barbecued Beaver you all wanted.
I am amazed at how much garlic will shortly be consumed.
I am super amazed at how quickly our newest sauces - the Weeping and Wailing Werecats - vanished from the table. It took less than 5 hours to go from 2 dozen of each to nearly zero. It looks like I’ll have to make more of it quickly.
I am also proud of all of you for returning so many empty bottles. I’ll be tallying the returns as soon as they arrive at the Dark Bunny warren. But speaking from the viewpoint of a company that uses so many recycled materials, this is an amazing effort from all of you.

Also, thank you to everyone who went and supported the Dark Bunny related artists. CharmanderChar, Lauree, Ookami Kemono, Soryane and Teeka. Like I have said - I make the sauces, but they make the sauces LOOK good.


I’ll give people more of a report later on, but thank you to Furnal Equinox for the support and their venue, thank you to my various “fans” (it’s still weird to think that Dark Bunny Sauces has fans), and thank you to everyone that said Hi over the course of the weekend.

We’ll definitely be back next year! 

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