Fallout: Furnal Equinox

We arrived at Furnal Equinox 2018, and now the inventory looks like it went through a nuclear explosion. 

After all is said and done, even though I haven't counted all that remains, I know that I will be spending the next couple of weeks cooking just to make up the stock that doesn't exist any more. You folks are stupefying. Thank you.

To all of those who pre-ordered their sauces, thank you! If for some reason you didn't get your sauce, please send me a message and we'll work something out, but from the looks of it everything was picked up.
If you placed a Sunday order, expect an email from me in the next day or two to confirm some details. 
And to everyone who purchased some sauce, from the bottom of my heart I thank you, and sincerely hope that you enjoy them. Know that just seeing people walk away from the DBS booth with a bottle (or six) in hand (or in bag, or in box) and a smile on their face made everything worth it. 

Going forward, rest assured that Dark Bunny will certainly be trying to return to Furnal Equinox in 2019. I have some ideas on how to change things to make things smoother, easier, and, well, tastier.
Also, I think I may have found a small workaround to selling at some other conventins. I'll be looking into this over the next little bit, and see what I can do. So you may just see DBS at a convention other than FE, CanFurence or the Montreal Mini ComicCon. 

Our next scheduled convention is Canfurence, in August in Ottawa. 

More after I get home and get to sleep. But again, thank you to Furnal Equinox's teams, and to everyone else. 

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