End of Summer Bird Sale

It's September. That's our excuse and we're stickin' to it!
The summer is coming to a close. And all of you amazing folks out there who love to burn yourself have been enjoying the warm weather, the BBQs, and the ice cream. We're sure of it (mostly because we've been doing that ourselves).
To honour the end of Summer, and to help keep you warm as the temperatures start to dip, we've decided to have yet another little sale! A little more targeted this time: Birds!
All of our sauces graced by avians will be 10% off from now until the end of the month! So that means the Hostile Hawk, the Boiling Bluejay, the Choking Cock, the Perilous Phoenix, and even the Groaning Gryphon. Ten percent! Awesome, eh?
So you just have to ask yourself...

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