Down the the wire

So Furnal Equinox is right around the corner, and with FE comes a few special items for FE that have been hinted at, or mentioned, but here's a list of most of what'll be exclusively available at the Dark Bunny booth this year.

  1. Blasted Bat Jumbo
    Our Blasted Bat, that wonderful spicy pickled garlic that you've come to love and munch on, will be available in regular size, and a few extra-large jars will be there as well. 

  2. Terrified Trashpanda Candies
    We've made it a staple to have our spicy tea candies available at conventions, and this year is no different. We've tweaked the recipe, of course, so these shouldn't cause too many burns. Made from Buttered Rum tea and Carolina reapers, they are sure to go fast.

  3. The Test Batches
    We've been creative! And listened to your comments, so, available at con will be:
    • Test Batch 40C: Horseradish Mustard. The TB40s were the predecessor to the Hoppy Hedgehog mustards, and based on feedback, people really liked the Hiorseradish version. So more was made.
    • Test Batch 46: Burning Bunny Red. A variation of our classic Burning Bunny sauce, a touch spicier.
    • Test Batch 47: Watermelon BBQ. A nice BBQ sauce with a surprisingly light and fruity flavour.
    • Test Batch 48: Tomato Cayenne. Think a spicy ketchup. Or a sauce used for baking chicken wings in. 
    • Test Batch 49: SECRET. Only select people will be able to taste it.
    • Test batch 50: Ten Tickles Two. A wasabi & garlic sauce. The successor to Ten Tickles.
    • Test Batch 51: Pear & Garlic. Surprisingly tasty, would be awesome to baste things in. Comes in 3 varieties
      • A: Absolutely no spice.
      • B: Some added heat in the form of Carolina Reaper, but just spicy enough. Made grey by a little squid ink.
      • C: I've nicknamed this one the Black Death. Black as ink, thick, and with enough spice to warrant us requiring a waiver to taste it. 

I think that covers it!

See you all next weekend!

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