Delays, but now on track!

As I previously stated, our cupboards have been bare. Mostly due to Furnal Equinox and all of you folks depleting the stock, but also due to a delay in getting the bottles.

There are two things that are going to happen as a side effect of this delay:

1 - An upgrade!
Because there was an issue with getting the lids for the 50ml bottles (I could get the bottles, but no lids) I decided to make a small change, and this means a bonus!
Effective immediately, all 50ml bottles are now 59ml (2oz) bottles. All outstanding orders will see no change in pricing. Over the next couple of weeks, as cooking gets up to full speed and sauces are replenished, the price of 50ml bottles will be increased slightly just to offset the increased volume. But if you have an order in already, you get the new size for free!

2 - Apology discounts
I mentioned it on Twitter and Facebook, but it deserves to be here as well. Even though the delay issues were out of my hands, it isn't fair to any of you whom have placed orders at or around FE. So as a way of apology for the delay, when you receive your shipments you will find a small card in the box. But rest assured that I expect all orders to be filled within the next 7 days (barring acts of karmic resonance or dimensional shenanigans or the like).

If you want to follow the saucing progress, I've created the Sauce Tracking page, where I will update it as I start, bottles and make sauces ready. I will also be posting photos of the Dark Bunny Sauces Cupboard Door of Orders to Twitter daily to keep people apprised of the whackton of orders I am working on. 

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