Declassified: Experiment 43

Christopher Pilgrim

It has been nearly a week since I began this experiment. And I likely could have continued it, but the weather is getting cold.

Weather? But Feli, what does the weather have to do with hot sauce?

Plenty, actually. At least for this experiment. Allow me to demonstrate.

Last Friday, October 20th, I began the experiment. What I used is an older crock pot, a couple of chopsticks (broken in half), some paper towel, tin foil, heavy plastic wrap, and garlic.

I decided to try and make Black Garlic. I won't go into all the details on it, but suffice it to say it's cooking garlic at a low heat for a VERY long time. Check this Wikipedia article for info.
Long story short, it's supposed to sit for anywhere from 7 days to a month. I was aiming for 2 weeks. I wanted to give it 14 days to do its thing.
The issue is, it smells. I know I like garlic smell in the house. but this is actually a very very strong, permeating smell. So I plugged in the crock pot outside, and sealed it up with the tin foil and plastic wrap to keep it safe from moisture. And it worked! But you need to keep it on "warm", never hotter than that. And, well, the temperature plummeted last night. So out it came So this morning, in came the crock pot.

Off came the plastic wrap, the tin foil, and the covering layer of paper towel. And there are all of the toasty little bulbs of garlic.

I chose one bulb at random. I was hoping they'd been in long enough, but I wasn't sure. I mean, I could always put them back out, but with the temperature out there...

So I slowly cut the papery peel off of one section, and came upon this beautifully browned clove. Kinda squishy, like a gummy bear. and the smell is odd, but nice.

The flavour is... well... it's garlic but it isn't. hard to describe.

Now for the hard part: Making sauce.

Welcome to Experiment 43


Well, most of the garlic was ready, but some could have been moved around a bit. So I'll work with what I have. 
Note for next time: Definitely go for longer, and mix bulbs around in crock every couple of days



I now present you Experiment 43a

Details will come later.

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