Dear Shopify

Hello! And thanks for coming to the store!
No, this isn't a joke. Nor is this site or post a fake. Please, read on.

For those of you who frequent the website, I ask that you bare with me for this post. And here's why:

As some of you know, in 2016 I lost my day-job. This wasn't anything that was foreseen, and when they closed my department down after 10 very good years it was a blow. Since then, I have had the good fortune of not only meeting hundreds awesome people at What The Fur, but also of making many lives a little spicier through the sauces sold here. But times are tough, and I have been looking for something else to spend my time doing - in addition to the sauces, of course!

And I think I may have found something. The fine folks at Shopify (the amazing people who host this store and make it so awesomely easy for you all to get your sauces) have an opening for something they call a Customer Success Guru. Pretty much it's the ultimate position for helping people out. And I think that at this point, with 15 years at Bell, 9 years with the convention and a little over 2 with the sauces all overlapping each other, I have what it takes to join that team. It sounds like the evolution of my team at Bell. So what I was doing, only better.

I love helping people. I love making lives better. It's pretty much my reason for being. And I think that with my experience not only with the public or customers, but also with having been running a (very marginally successful) business through the Shopify service I could be a great asset to the company. I want to be a part of that team not only for having something steady to do, but to help people when they need it, and in a way that they actually need. 

So in summary, to any of you reading this randomly, you now know a little more about me. And to whomever reads this from Shopify, I hope this helps you see why I think I would be a great fit. 

Thanks for reading! I promise the next post will be back to being completely related to burning your taste buds off again!

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