DBS Presents: Super Massive Online Live Death Eating Rivalry #0

Alright. So... Furnal Equinox, sadly, had to cancel their 2020 event. But I know that there were a LOT of people looking forward to the Dark Bunny Sauces panel.

Pandemic be damned! We're doing it live!

We were looking forward to the fun, the teasing, and most of all, shattering records raising money for charity.

Welcome to the Online version. We're calling this the Super Massive Online Live Death Eating Rivalry - or DBS: SMOLDER #0

In order to help raise a bit of funds for Furnal Equinox’s charity, the Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge, Dark Bunny Sauces will be conducting this modified panel, and publicly accept donations to be given to the charity in Furnal Equinox’s name or VIA FE directly. Any fees taken by the payment processors would be covered by DBS itself. We will be coordinating with Furnal Equinox, as well as the Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge to make sure that everything works on the back end as smoothly as possible. 

When is it going to happen? That depends on you! Depending on where people are, and how long it takes boxes to arrive, we'll then coordinate the show!

Please go to THIS LINK HERE and fill in the form. This will be required for ANYONE wanting or willing to participate. 

  • Want to show how tough you are? Fill it in!
  • Want to be a potential one-round guest competitor? Fill it in!
  • Are you convention staff or otherwise willing to be called upon to be a competitor? Fill it in!
  • Are you staff of another convention that wants to participate, just to prove how much more you can do for the fandom and charities? Fill it in!

How this is supposed to work

Okay, here's the outline, which is subject to change drastically.

  • Once we have enough participants, we will contact you all to get any additional details we need.
  • DBS will ship you a box.
    • You are not to open this box before the date of the event. Think of it like doing a live unboxing.
  •  On the date in question, we will open up a streaming web thingamabob (details still to be worked out as to what software/platform will be used). Our hope is that this can be simultaneously shared on Youtube and/or Facebook to allow for "audience participation."
  • Competitors will need to provide your own spoons for the event. 
  • The competition will start by the participants being asked a question.
    • Responses for most questions will be written down on a piece of paper (paper and pens/pencils/markers/crayons will not be provided).
    • Participants will then share responses on the feed. 
      • Correct answers will be awarded points.
      • Incorrect answers will be punished.
      • Incorrect yet creative answers may be awarded points.
    • A sauce will be consumed, the level dependant on the answer given and the amount raised by the audience.
    • Round buy-ins will be allowed at a set donation level, otherwise guest participants will be allowed to be bid in. Details on this process will come soon.
    • BE WARNED: You may be required to draw, sing, dance, or otherwise show off skills that you do not have!
  • I mentioned donations in there. As we're doing this to raise funds for convention charity, donations are very much encouraged! every round will allow you, the audience, to drop some of that awesome donation money on seeing your panel of fellow furries, convention staffers and other guests suffer just a little bit.

You won't be able to watch or participate but want to contribute anyways? DBS has a deal for you! If you go to our shop and purchase Fuel for the Fire - the Dark Bunny Sauces gift card, 75% of the sales for the cards will go to the charity. This applies from now until the end of the competition, whenever it is. So, for example, you buy a $10 FftF card, $7.50 will be added to the charity collection total. 
Why only 75%? Well, I'll be honest - DBS needs to make a bit off the sale of gift cards, if only to cover shipping fees and the costs of bottles and labels. 

Why is this called SMOLDER #0? Because, if this works - and that is a big if - then we can forsee this happening again with some tightened rules, and doing it on behalf of other convention charities or just charities in general. So #0 because it's still a beta.

Questions? I know I have some. 
You can always contact us on Telegram @DBSauces , Twitter @DarkBunnySauces or Facebook @DarkBunnySauces


So share this far and wide! Let's show what we as the most awesome fandom can do for others during this time of uncertainty.

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