Current Sauce Statuses... Stati? States?

Posted by Christopher Pilgrim on

-For a limited time, Soulful Snow Leopard is back in stock. Due to a special request, a batch was made. So get it while you can!

-Blasted Bat, though sold out in 120g size, is now available in 200g jars. Have at 'em!

-Reckless Reindeer will only be available for another week, and then it'll be retired until next year!

-We completed our experiment 45. There was a limited tasting at a recent holiday party, and by all indications it is a success. It did not turn out as spicy as I was expecting, but definitely up there on the scale. However, despite the heat, I feel that this will be a sauce available in three varieties: Blue, White and Red label. So keep your eye out in the new year for this particular creation.

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  • As a taster and tester of test batch 45, as well as host of said party, let me just say that it is really really tasty, and my spice-loving husband Adam scooped up the spills with his fingers and licked them clean with gusto while using it to make a marinade for lamb. This one is up there in my top 5 DBS varieties, no question about it. You people will LOVE it when it comes out.

    Karine Charlebois on

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