COVID-19 and the State of the Sauce

Hi everyone.

Firstly, I want to assure you all that all residents here in the Dark Bunny Warren are fine. And I really hope that every one of you are as well. These are frightening times, and I don’t blame anyone for being scared. I know I am. None of us have ever been through anything remotely like this, and I have a feeling a lot will change permanently because of it. But that’s down the road. Right now, I hope that you all are following social distancing and staying home if you can.

This brings me to my second item.
Both myself and Manny are both currently considered essential employees. Both of us work in drug stores here in Montreal, and as such we’re not exactly able to get time off. Luckily, we both happen to work in the back of our respective stores, myself being the receiving clerk at my own workplace, but that only manages – at least in my case – to put a lot of pressure on me. I can honestly say that in the last two weeks there hasn’t been I day that I haven’t gotten home from work as tired and wiped out as anything.

On to point three, I suppose, eh?

The sauces during this whole mess.

Before I even start this part, I will say right now, unequivocally, that I LOVE making the sauces, and I will not stop. A lot of you have ordered, as last weekend during Furnal Isolation I kept seeing the order count go up and up. That, I think, made this week worth it. Just the sheer joy of knowing folks like what I make. Thank you.

Due to the above point number two, however, I will admit there are delays getting sauces out to all of you fine folks that both pre-ordered before the convention, and those that ordered during the Isolation. I am doing my best to get them to the post office, but I also don’t want to overstay there. I have been bringing a box or two per day rather than bring them all at once and taking 20 minutes at the counter.
You will all get your orders – I promise. All I ask for is a little patience in this weird time.

If – for whatever reason I find out I have come in contact with or contracted COVID-19 – I will IMMEDIATELY contact ALL of you. I do not expect this to happen, but things being what they are, strange things happen. Right now, everything is good.

Those of you who pre-ordered and still want to pay for your shipping – I love you. Seriously, I saw some of those messages and melted. I’ll be in touch probably over the weekend with some sort of steps to follow.

If ever you would like to chat about the sauces or anything, there’s always our these methods:

To close this off, thank you everyone, or your support during this trying time. I hope that all of you and all of your loved ones are safe. Please keep yourself that way.

All my best regards,


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