Cooking and cooking and more cooking

Hello everyone!
Here are your End of August Updates!


  • The cooking continues. With the hardest-to-get ingredients now gotten, all of my days off from the "real job" are dedicated to going out for ingredients, and cooking sauces. All of those orders from last month? They'll be out soon!
  • If you want to see the status of your order, I've resurrected the old DBS Order Trello, so you can see what stage your order is at and what hasn't been cooked yet.
  • I'm currently solidifying the plans for the first ever Dark Bunny Sauces Bespoke Sauce Commission (DBSBSC - because I like being confusing). There were nine submissions in total, and I've selected two - one as the main and one as the follow-up should the first not go through. More news on this soon!
  • Bunny's Garden 2022 seems to be growing nicely - here's a pic of just one of the pepper plants (and just the top) that'll be going in. These are Black Bastard peppers. just look at them all!


By now you know that DBS is committed to supporting various conventions and community groups within the fandoms. Well, here's a small "newsletter" type of thing of things coming up or ongoing that we think are worth checking out and supporting.

UPCOMING EVENTS (ie: where'll we be, at least the currently confirmed places)

  • CozyCon Online - September 16-18 2022, Everywhere
    • A virtual convention, but we'll be there!
  • CanFURence 6 - August 4-6 2023, Ottawa
    • If you didn't see, we're part of the Guests of Honour team! Come and join us! Fire and Ice (guess which we'll be focusing on)
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