Contests and Conventions

Contests and Conventions

Welcome to the back end of October, where the cauldron bubbles and bottles are filled with strange liquids.

But don't worry (too much), we know exactly what goes into them. That doesn't mean they're not dangerous, and that they won't turn you into some ravening beast (or cute kitten) but it's all natural!

During the summer we took in a bunch of name suggestions for the various test batches we have on the go. And while some of these won't be revealed until later this year or early next year, we can definitely announce the first round of names and winners.

Round 1 Winners:

  • Test Batch 64 - Puckering Perch
    • Submitted by Shujin Tribble
  • Test Batch 65 A & B - Fighty Firefly and Frightened Firefly
    • Submitted by Corey Volpe
  • Test Batch 72 - Babbling Bumblebee
    • Also submitted by Corey Volpe
  • Test Batch 73 - Genial Gemsbok
    • Submitted by Fergus

That's it for the reveal round one! We'll be working on immortalising your winning names into awesome art by some amazing art people and slapping them onto bottles soon! And, of course, in the next week or so I will be contacting you all directly to work out your prizes. Corey... all I have to say is that you have a creative mind :)

Convention Updates

As you all know, the last year or two have been tough on the convention circuit. DBS has attended a couple of online VR conventions, namely Furnal Equinox and CozyCon Online.

In the future, we might just continue to attend the online events as this means we could conceivably attend events well outside of our physical travel boundaries. (it also means I don't need to take time off of work, and that I may just have to recruit people to help out online... with bribes of sauce and stuff).

As for real, in-person conventions, Dark Bunny Sauces is planning on being at CanFURence November 12-14 this year. But things will be a bit different than usual. This is in response to Covid-19.

  • CanFURence Pre-Orders will be opening up tomorrow, October 16th.
    • We will not be making ALL of our sauces available for pre-ordering, a second more detailed post will be coming tomorrow regarding what will be available for ordering.
  • We will NOT be hosting the usual eating-of-hot-things panel.
  • Our table in the Dealers room will NOT have a tasting station this year.
    • We will shortly have a sign-up form/sheet available for DBS Flavour-Enhancement Sampling Appointments during the convention. Information forthcoming.
  • Regardless of the convention policy regarding the wearing of face coverings/masks at the time of the event, Dark Bunny Sauces will require all customers at our booth to be wearing a mask, and will require the usual social distancing default of 2 metres (or as close as possible).
    • This DBS policy will be in effect at our physical booth.
    • DBS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone not conforming with this, as well as both the convention's and the hotel's policies.
    • Should any customer be unable to wear a mask, we would ask they make their purchase online, or contact us directly to make alternate arrangements.
    • These rules will be in place for any in-person conventions for the forseeable future, as DBS wants to protect not just ourselves, but all of our customers.

One last thing on CanFURence 2021: There is a possibility that I may have to back out at the last moment. Full disclosure: I am having a medical procedure at the beginning of November - nothing serious but as with all things of that nature there is the possibility that should something not go right I may not be physically able to attend the event.
Should this happen, any and all CanFURence pre-orders will be shipped out at no cost.


That's all for now! Stay safe and spicy!

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