Contest time!


So, life continues, but here we are again. I need a few more options for sauce names, so I'm reopening the contest, AND I am relaxing a couple of rules. 


2021 CONTEST #1 – Name that Sauce!

Languishing on our shelves we have a few test batches that for one reason or another haven’t gotten true names yet but seem to be favourites of people. But  now, it’s finally time to retire the Test Batch badge and provide them with full and permanent homes on the sauce roster.


-Sauce names must be an alliteration


How it’ll work:
-Go to
-Choose the sauce you wish to name
-Add the name
-Give a small reason why you think the name would be fitting
-Answer a skill-testing question

All of the previous submissions have been saved and will be kept in contention, but we've relaxed the naming rules to all letters of the alphabet, and allowed all animals.

“But Feli, what do I get if my submission(s) win?”

-Everlasting fame and fortune*
-Full credit on the sauce name (as well as a generic, made-up story on the site as to how you chose the name)
-Either a free 250ml bottle of sauce, or one of our T-shirts (especially nifty if we manage to make one of the new sauce name 😊 )

DBS reserves the right to refuse any submissions for quality, content or appropriateness.

Let’s do this thing!

*Everlasting fame and fortune not guaranteed.


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