Con Pre-orders are a go!

It’s that time!
I’m doing things a little different this year, for reasons. But I’m also in need of a bunch of words to explain a few things.

Welcome to the Great Dark Bunny 2020 Convention Pre-ordering Service!

First up: The conventions

DBS will have a presence at the following conventions in 2020:

  • Furnal Equinox (Toronto, March 20-22)
  • Fur-Eh! (Edmonton, June 18-21)
  • CanFURence (July 31 – August 2)

Second: How Pre-orders will work

We will be opening all sauces up for pre-ordering as a general thing for all conventions. Meaning there is no set dates for any one con. Pre-orders will be open on all applicable products on the following dates:

  • Feb 2nd through March 1st
  • May 1st to May 31st
  • June 12th to July 12th

During this time, all products that we can feasibly have in time for the conventions will be open for ordering. In many cases, we will not have the products on hand, and this is why we are opening pre-orders: to know what we need to make (and to afford to make them too!).

Some products will be at the con, but not available for pre-orders. Things such as Murder Mittens, or the Trashpanda Candies, as well as many Test Batches. We can’t guarantee transport for some of these, nor production, so we can’t promise they’ll be there.

All 1 litre bottles or jars of sauce are on pre-order availability, but please contact us.

Third: How do I do it? Just tell me already!

Place your order as normal. If an item is currently out of stock you’ll see a “Convention pre-order” button instead of “an add to cart”.
When you arrive at the shipping choices, you will see an option with the convention of your choice’s name. These are $0 shipping options.
Please put your badge/furry name in the notes or comments on the order.
Within about a day of the order coming in, we’ll contact you to confirm a few things.

If the email address you provide on your profile bounces, we will cancel your order.
If you mistakenly choose any of the convention pickups in error, we will cancel your order.

That’s it!

We will then do our damndest to get your sauce ready for the convention!

In the event we can’t get it ready in time, we’ll ship it to you as soon as we can for free.
DBS Does, however, reserve the right to make equal-to-or-greater-than volume substitutions if the need arises. For example: You order 250ml of Halitosis Howler. If we don’t have the physical bottles, you might (rarely) receive 5 59ml bottles, OR a 350ml Jar. You will never receive less than what you ordered. But we would warn you before the convention.


That’s it that’s all.


Hop to it! The first round of pre-ordering is now open!

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