Collect peppers, get stuff!

Christopher Pilgrim

You may notice a small thing over on the right of your screen when you visit the website.  A little red box that says "Pepper Points".

Yes, Pepper Points.

What are Pepper Points? They are, well, points! And you can use points to get things! Like, say, 500 points gets you a $5 coupon to use on an order of $20 or more, or 1500 and add a free small bottle to your order. Things like that.

How do you get these mystical, magical, malevolent points? Quite simple, really.

  • For every $1 you spend in the store (shipping not included), you get 1 Pepper Point. 
  • Create your account? That's 100 points.
  • Refer someone? That's another 100 points when they make an order.
  • Even liking and sharing us on Facebook and Twitter will get you points!
  • If you return bottles in person, you will now get points added to your account!
    • (Dark Bunny Sauces fully endorses recycling)
  • Other ways will come up in the future.

How do you redeem your Pepper Points? First, you click on that box on the side and check your account. You'll be presented with reward options. Right now there is only one, but more will be added soon. When you select one, you'll get a code to use at checkout.
There is a second section there called "Earn", and there you will find all the links and ways to easily get more points!


We're just trying this out. So let's see how it does, eh?

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