CanFURence Pre-Orders are a go!

It’s that time!

CanFURence 2022 is coming up – July 29-31 to be exact. And Dark Bunny Sauces will be there! We know you want your sauces, and we know that often we run out of your favourites before you even get to our booth. So, in the grand tradition we’ve kept for all of the conventions we attend, we will be offering convention pre-orders starting right now!

Pre-ordering will be available from now until midnight on June 30th.

How do you pre-order and how does it work? Those are both excellent questions!

To pre-order your products, we’ve opened up ordering for just about everything! Even if we don’t currently have it in stock, if it’s something we can reasonably make by the convention, we’ve allowed it to be ordered. Just select your products, and head to the checkout.

First order of business is the payment. All pre-orders must be paid in advance. This ensures we can actually MAKE your order before the convention. But to help you with that, we’re offering a 15% discount on your order! To get the discount, just use “CanFur2022PO” as a discount code, and there you go! Cheaper sauces!

Second order of business is the shipping option. When going through the checkout – and this is IMPORTANT – select Pick up from the options on the method. You should see Convention – CanFURence there.

That’s all! No shipping fees, and your order will be ready for pickup at the convention!

Now, this is where we insert a few small caveats

  • If, for some reason your order or part of your order cannot be completed in time for the convention, you’ll receive an email detailing the issue. We’ll still honour your order, but any un-pickupable portions of your order will be shipped to you once we can safely do so – free of charge. There shouldn’t be any issues, but things happen, so clarity is called for.
  • Orders must be picked up by no later than 3:00pm on the 31st of July (Sunday). If your order has not been collected, the individual items will be made available to the convention attendees at large, and following the convention we will reach out to you to complete your order via shipping. There may be shipping fees involved at that time.
  • Items such as Murder Mittens and Test Batch -1 cannot be shipped.
  • Any clothing ordered will be shipped automatically by the system upon ordering and will not be available for pickup at the convention.
  • We reserve the right to change the sizes of bottles ordered to something equal or greater in volume. This means if we have run out of 1L bottles, you might get 4 250ml bottles as a replacement, or if we don’t have a 59ml you might get a 250ml upgrade. This depends on the availability of the bottles and jars.

That’s it!


See you all at the convention!

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