CanFURence Pre-order time

Imagine the feeling of walking up to the Dark Bunny Sauces booth at the convention. See yourself looking through the sauces - including the new ones - and picking several delicious sauces from our shelves. You pull out your wallet to pay - but you have no money left! Nothing in your accounts, and nothing in your pockets but lint! That would be horrible! We'd feel bad. You'd feel bad. Then we'd feel bad that you feel bad. It would be a vicious circle.

Pre-order your sauces now to make sure that this doesn't happen to you!


Okay. We're a month out from @canFURence, so that means it's pre-order time.
Get your orders in before November 1st to ensure that your sauce is ready and waiting for you at CanFURence!

When placing your order, just choose "Convention Pre-Order & Pickup" as your method of shipping. Send us an email or find us on Telegram or twitter and let us know who you are (furry name/badge name) so we can give the sauce to the right person. As simple as that! Pre-ordering also lets us know what we need to make in time for the con. So don't wait! 

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