Burn of the Month club

Christopher Pilgrim

Are you a fan of sauces? Of course you are.
Are you unsure as to which sauce or sauces you want? Or do you just want to try them all?

Now is your chance!

The Dark Bunny Burn of the Month Club is for those who are adventurous, curious, and like with Pokemon, "Gotta catch 'em all!"

By signing up, you will have your choice of 3 small or 2 large bottles of sauce every month! Each month we will ship you different sauce, and never the same two months in a row! Easy, right? And you can stop it at any time.

Not a fan of the super hot sauces? Or can't handle even midling heat? We have options for you! Not only can you choose the bottle sizes, but also the spice range of what we'll send you!

The Dark Bunny Sauces Burn of the Month Club. Tease your tongue. Burn your buds. Over and over and over and...


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