Because, after all, it IS the season

Here we go.
I have been forced to listen to Christmas songs for the last few weeks with increasing frequency at work. And most of them are French versions of English songs. So I will not be wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Nor will I vous souhaite un joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, Happy Yule, Happy Solstice, nor even Happy Holidays. I mean, if you talk to me in person I just might. But I want to continue an older tradition, and drop the facade of it all. This is the time of year for giving. And this is absolutely a truth. I don't care what religion you do or don't follow. I don't care what god or gods you believe in. I believe in you. Yes, you reading this. Because if you are reading this it means that you are real. It means there's something tangible there, and it means that you've made it this far down the block of text to be curious as to where I am going with this.
I don't want what I give to others to be penned in by a specific holiday or term. When you receive something as a gift, it should be because the giver cares enough to give you something - no matter how small. Birthdays (which, yes, I am having one this weekend), Christmas, new year, Easter, hallowe'en, the equinox... who cares about the day, really? I care more about the person I am giving something to than the banner under which it falls. And I care more for the person who gives me something. Even if it is just a couple of words. It means someone cares.
So go enjoy your holiday. Be with the people you love. Give and receive. Give to them, give to strangers. Give to people who need something and give to people who don't.

In that spirit, and though I know this is going to probably break me a little, and break a cupboard and maybe even a stove burner, I am going to give you all the following: An opportunity. I will not say "You have to take this!" Because, yes, I do want to keep doing this, and that requires some money to flow into the sauces. It's a dumb circle. But for the next week and a bit - from December 21st at Noon Eastern to January 2nd at midnight, I am going to run a sale.
"Wow, Feli. All that text to get to this?"
Yep. Because I had to share the why before the what.

The sale is a code based one because I want to see who pays attention and where the bots come into things. The code is TOWEL
You get 42% off one order.
One use per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers. Shipping rates are not discounted. Offer does NOT apply to gift cards, nor Rabbit's Roulette game boxes (but does apply to Roulette sauces individually)
Some of you will know the significance.

Be well, everyone. Love your loves, and let them know you do. Let those you care about know that you care.
This rambling has been brought to you by the letter þ, not enough coffee, and a lot of peppers.