Alright, we're rolling the dice

Alright, we're rolling the dice

I have made a promise that in some way, shape or form, Dark Bunny Sauces would be at Fur-Eh! 2018. And I will hold to that promise. 
At absolute minimum, there will be sauce in the Charity Auction. There is also something else that is in the works, and I am sure that details will be released at some point. 

But I would love to be there in person to meet all of you! I likely won't be vending, or if I do it would be a really really lucky stroke of providence, but this is where you come in, and where the deal happens.

I am opening up DBS, once again, to convention pre-orders. There will again be a code to cover the shipping costs so that you will not be charged for shipping. IF there are enough pre-orders, and it lets me afford the trip, I will happily deliver all of these orders in person in Edmonton in 2 months. So there is a goal amount (no, I won't disclose the amount).
However, if the goal isn't reached, I absolutely will do 2 things.

  1. all pre-orders for the convention will be shipped out and there will be absolutely no shipping costs.
  2. as you will get your orders delayed, there will be a gift of some sort included.

And The time is now! Lady Luck has smiled upon us all, and bestowed a wonderful gift! 
All Dark Bunny Sauces orders placed using the discount code FEH18PO will get 10% off of the pre-order!
As well, the shipping option for Fur-Eh Pickups is active!
It's almost like winning the lottery! Well... we say almost... not really the same thing. But getting something is like... getting something. Sorry, brain isn't at 100% right now. but hey! Something! Right?

Alternately, our GoFundMe is always active, and linked on our homepage near the bottom. So if all you want to do is to throw money at us, feel free. 

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