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Christopher Pilgrim

Hello everyone,

 I am making this post to let everyone know that the Dark Bunny Sauces website will be going offline for a little bit.
Dark Bunny Sauces is still a VERY small company, and a lot of it is paid out of pocket. But as such, we’ve run into a bit of difficulty in keeping up with the bills. I am not posting this to look for pity, it is to keep everyone up to date on what is going on. I am still looking for an actual day job, and there are a few hopeful prospects.
Sadly, due to pure timing, one of the bills we didn’t meet on time was our bill for the online store front. This is a temporary hiccup. The website will be back in a few weeks once some of the bills can be paid.
If you absolutely need your sauce fix while we go through this temporary outage, please feel free to send me a message at feli (at) darkbunny (dot) ca , or through Facebook messenger, Telegram, Google chat or Twitter.

If you do want to throw pity onto the pile, and want to support DBS further, I will not stop you. You can always donate to our Convention fund at


Thanks folks, and keep things warm!

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