A small change to shipping

Hi everyone,

We here at Dark Bunny Sauces love sending our stuff to you. And trust me, the further away we send it, the more excited we get (Well, at least I do. I get giddy when I see Australia, Singapore or even Germany or Scotland). the thing is, there's been a few issues with getting packages places. Broken sauces, and packages that just seem to vanish. So after looking at the options, and what we can do, we came to the following solution. Are they perfect? Nope. But they are what they are. 
Here is a QWAAF-style review of DBS shipping rules/options/thingamabobs.


Shipping Options: What’s changing?

We use Canada Post to ship just about everything. It’s the least expensive option. Within Canada there is no issue as all the shipments are tracked and if they vanish or get damaged we can put a claim in. But once a package leaves Canada and heads to the US or to anyone overseas, the tracking doesn’t exist, neither does insurance at the cheapest, lowest options.
To fix this, we’re removing the option for the lowest levels of shipping for anything leaving Canada. Yes, this will add a little bit to the cost of shipping, but it’ll help ensure your sauces get where they’re going.


Is there still free shipping?


When do I get free shipping?

Canadian shipments: Over $60 CDN
United States: Over $75 CDN
All other countries: over $100 CDN



PATRONS. As of Now, right now, this second, all active patrons will receive free shipping. Period.
Patrons, you rock. You help keep DBS going. So from now on, added to all paid tiers from Bunny ($5) and up, you get a discount code to use, and our system will only let you patrons use it.
If you haven’t received the code, send us a message and we’ll work it out. You have to have an active account with DBS (not just the Pepper Points).

Not a patron? Want to become one? Head to https://www.patreon.com/SaucesDarkBunny


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