A Dark Bunny story for a dark autumn day

A Dark Bunny story for a dark autumn day

Autumn is a time for stories. Halowe’en doubly so. And so, we have a true story for you.

It all begins with the fruit of a tree. Pulled from its parent plant and roughly put into baskets – those that are deemed good enough. The rest are casually discarded as one would, the fruit left to rot in a pile with its malformed brethren. These baskets are then transported for kilometres and kilometres, under the light of the moon. Once the fruit thieves have safely delivered their harvested goods, the sellers stand proud behind their tables, the wind blowing through the stalls with no walls to protect them from the fall weather.

It is then that we arrive in the story. We walked these wind-blown stalls, the rain and mist not deterring us one bit, and upon seeing the basket of bright red fruit we pounce, offering currency in exchange to liberate them from the vendor. After a long, arduous journey across the Island, the fruit is washed gingerly. Carefully. Any fruit with imperfections, of which there are few, are put aside for other purposes.

With a smile on our face, we gleefully begin slicing into the juicy red-skinned fruit, pulling them apart as their essence drips onto the counter. We rip the hearts out of them, removing the seed from the flesh and tossing them aside for later disposal. We’re not interested in the seeds – only the flesh and the meat of the fruits the size of a young child’s fist.

We put the now heartless husks of our prey into a pot and raise the heat up. Adding some various roots, some bark, and the carefully peeled skin of yet another fruit. After a few moments we add the fermented and spoiled juice of yet another tree offering and let that simmer on our stove for a time. Spices are added, stirring happens while it bubbles. The three witches what met Macbeth may even be impressed as the mixture softens, liquifies and becomes as red as blood.

Under the light of a full moon we finish boiling our potion, watching it thicken like blood on a cold autumn day, and then seal it into jars.

We know when it will be used. But what it will be used for is a mystery.

All we were missing was the fog and a lightning strike.

TL;DR (the poor man's version): We paid fer a bunch o' recently killed treefruit, took out their hearts, boiled 'em to a pulp and bottled 'em with some stuff an' things.

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