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That's how many people came by the Dark Bunny Sauces table at Fur-Eh, and made orders. But the number of you who came and tasted the sauces, chatted, kept me sane (or less insane).
To everyone at Fur-Eh: Thank you. You made me at home in your beautiful city. You showed me the kindness the fandom can have, the welcoming nature of our wonderful fandom, and of course, your penchant for throwing money at a charity to watch people suffer.
The Hot Wings Challenge managed to surpass previous records in donations, raising a whopping $1038 for the charity (with a subsequent $155 from the three special bottles at the table). That blew me away. And I mean, sure, it might get drowned out at Canfurence in August, but I feel confident that in 2020 another record will be reached. (I won't even talk about what happened at the closing ceremonies)
To all the people who placed orders during the convention, you should start getting your emails either tonight or tomorrow to confirm details.
So thank you again, and until next year, I will leave you with the following thought:
The Furry Fandom is an amazing place. It is where people from all walks of life come together to show and share their creativity, their energy, their love. And a good Furry convention is just all of that concentrated into one place for a few days. I am proud to be a part of not only the fandom, but to have been witness - and a part - of the concentrated awesomeness that is Fur-Eh.
Never stop being as awesome as you are.

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