Situations and backup plans revolving around COVID-19

Hello my friends.

I am writing this up now to stave off any potential wave of concerns.

For now, everything is business as usual.Nothing has changed.

But in the event that things turn south and Furnal Equinox, Fur-Eh and/or Canfurence are forced to cancel their 2020 events, Dark Bunny Sauces, of course, would not be there. It would be a sad thing if it were to happen, but in life we cannot control everything.

I understand that a lot of people were looking forward to visiting our booth, and believe me I was looking forward to talking with all of you. My home is currently a conflicting miasma of smells from all of the sauces I’ve been cooking for the last couple of weeks.

So I will pledge this first:
If the convention is cancelled, or for whatever reason I cannot attend the convention, Dark Bunny Sauces will honour all pre-orders placed. You’ll even get it shipped to you for free. For those of you who pre-ordered and were planning on paying at the convention, we would be in touch to figure things out. I know it isn’t the greatest that you would have to wait even longer for your sauces, but you will get them one way or another.

I will pledge this second:
For any and all of you who were looking forward to the con to purchase things from DBS, depending on circumstances, we might be able to offer something. I won’t go into details yet as IF things happen, math would have to be done. But I have a few thoughts brewing.

To people who were really looking forward to the Burning Down the Con panel. I also am having some thoughts about how to make this up to all of you. It would take logistics, but there is a strong possibility that I come up with something.

In regards directly to the current situation:
As a former convention runner, I can understand the strain and pressure on ALL of the event staff. I’m thankful something like this never came up during my tenure, but I know that everything is being done that can be done. I applaud the staff of Furnal Equinox with the direction and steps being taken, and give my full blown support.


That’s all for now. I have to get back to cooking and putting things into bottles.

Be safe, and be well.




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