Recovery done

Okay, we are now recovering from the amazing time that was the Mini-Comiccon de Montréal
We are contemplating taking a spot in the full 3 day comic-con this year coming, but it is a daunting exercise. If you'd like to support us getting there, consider supporting!
As an aside, we served over 140 people at the mini comiccon this weekend. and we are stupefied by that. Thank you!
I think we can safely say that you guys like us. And we like we're cooking up a little something special (pun not intended, but we like it anyways)
As of today, December 12th, we will begin offering free shipping on all orders over $50 for North America. Over $100 for everywhere else.
. < see this? This.

We love you that much.

Happy Holidays from us to you!

(delays may apply over the next week or so)

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