November update for Everyone

We’ve put the doohickey into the whatchamacallit, and the Dark Bunny Sauces Alert Messaging Thingamabob is a go!

The saucening resumes.

After some hardships over the last 6 months, and admittedly some shipping issues and delays, Dark Bunny Sauces is on its way to being back on track and on time.

I’m bringing you all up to date so there’s no misunderstanding. Over the last couple of months, I have gone from a single part time job, to two part time jobs, to now a single full time job. As you can understand, this had the effect of sapping most of my energy for the last few weeks, but it was important so that I could actually pay for things (like bills, bottles, ingredients, food, hydro, coffee). Now that I am under full employment, things are returning to normal and I can afford to sauce again. Yesterday (Saturday) I completed a full run of 4 sauces (2 double batches), and today I will be boxing up as many outstanding orders as I can and sending them out. At this rate, all of the orders in the system should (luck willing) be out by Wednesday this week. Perhaps with the exception of any Rabbit’s Revenge – I need to get ONE ingredient that’s not available around my home.

Any orders that have been delayed will be getting a little Christmas gift in the box.


  • Bottle Returning bonus credits are still happening, extended until December 9th!
  • New sauces will be releasing soon! Patrons get early access!!
  • Return of the Reckless Reindeer on December 1st!

December 9th will be the last Montreal Local Pickup Brunch of the year, so get your orders in by December 2nd to ensure pickup (due to real life and a full time job, I cannot guarantee that un-made sauces will be ready for pickup if I don’t know a week out).

Thanks everyone – for your support and understanding. You are all awesome, never forget that.

If you want to help support Dark Bunny Sauces on a regular basis, visit for ways how!

This concludes the use of the Dark Bunny Sauces Alert Messaging Thingamabob. More messages may follow soon!

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