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DBS Heat: Unevaluated

This is a test batch, and is subject to modifications

Stabbing Scorpion (working title) is a "Black Label" version of our scorpion series.
Rather than using prepared mustard (Striking Scorpion), or just straight up mustard seeds (Stunning Scorpion), we changed it up again and fermented these mustard seeds for a month to see what would happen. Then, rather than the scotch bonnet peppers in the other two varieties, we added a good helping of the sauce's namesake: Scorpion peppers. Red Lava Scorpion peppers to be specific.

Keep in mind this is an experimental sauce, and though it won't explode in your hand 5 seconds after the lid is removed, we advise caution on the spice level as it is unevaluated.

All orders will come with a survey URL to be completed.

NOTE: As this is a test batch, the ingredients list is subject to change.


water, mustard seed, cider vinegar, honey, onion, garlic, red lava scorpion pepper, turmeric, salt

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